kiDINMe 單車咖啡即將開跑!

kiDINMe行動咖啡單車在2016年11月23號開始與大家見面!營業初期我們提供手沖精品咖啡(pour over specialty coffee),帶您品嚐咖啡果實最自然直接的『風味』。我們的豆子都是新鮮採購自精心挑選在美國精品咖啡協會(SCA)拿過90分以上的獨立烘培工作室,經過適當的烘培程度與熟成時間帶給您最佳的風味。其實喝咖啡不是忙碌空檔的苦澀提神,而更是挑動味蕾,品味生活與茶餘飯後的話題。

kiDINMe provides gourmet specialty coffee using the pour over brewing method.  We are dedicate to presenting the original terroir flavour in your coffee.  All of our beans are roasted by independent coffee roasters, whose beans have awarded a score exceeding 90 points from the SCAA.  Based on the characteristic of the different origin of beans, each batch of beans are carefully picked, roasted to the appropriate level, and developed in a strictly controlled period of time in order to provide an excellent cup of coffee.  We believe that coffee is not simply a stimulant drink with a bitter taste, but a sensational taste, a delightful moment and a lifestyle.

  • 耶加雪菲 水洗  Yirgacheffe (產地:衣索比亞 Ethiopia)
  • 天堂鳥 水洗  Sigri Estate AA (產地:巴布新幾內亞 Papua New Guinea)
  • 曼特寧 水洗  Mandehling (產地:印尼 Indonesia)


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