Sustainability 永續經營


令人可惜的是外帶咖啡杯由於防水隔熱性的考量使用PE淋膜,目前市面上還沒有可以完全回收的材質。但是別擔心,我們的外帶杯可以裝盛高達90°C的飲品得無毒設計 (請勿使用微波爐加溫)。但有鑒響應環保,很衷心的希望我們可愛的顧客們可以攜帶自己的環保杯(300ml↑)來購買美味的咖啡。凡是自備環保杯購買咖啡,kiDINMe都將提供5元立即現金回饋唷

1. 使用完美味的咖啡後,輕輕地將外帶杯蓋與杯子打開。
2. 用清水稍稍地沖洗清潔。
3. 將清洗過後的外帶杯具疊好,放入資源回收桶中即可。


當然,我們還有更長遠的企業社會責任目標,如微笑運動/社區回饋/原產區農民關懷/素人講座,等等。。。等營運上軌道後,會提出更多的proposal,為美好生活一起努力嚕~ :)


kiDINMe isn’t a big enterprise but holding a beautiful dream in our long term goals.  We are determined to create a cosy cafe with care and goodwill so that each of our friends in the fast-paced city can be illuminated and delighted by a warm and welcome smile.  We also see the environmental problems, such as global warming, waste disposal, deforestation and etc.  Therefore, we put importance on eco-friendly implement to fulfil our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in the current stage.

Due to kiDINMe currently runs our business with a mobile coffee tricycle, we do apologise that it’s unavoidable to use disposable tableware at this stage.  Therefore, we pay extra attention to select the tableware carefully.  Our disposable cup lids are made of PP material that has higher recycling value than general PS material.  Besides, our cup holders are made of recycled paper pulp.  Therefore, the cup lids, cup sleeves and cup holders are all recyclable.

Unfortunately, the paper cup itself is not highly recyclable because of the PE coating for waterproof and heat protection.  However, our takeaway cups can tolerate with 90°C drink without releasing toxic material, but please do not heat up coffee with the cups in the microwave.  Nevertheless, kiDINMe sincerely hopes our lovely and valuable customers can bring reusable cups (300ml↑).  In order to encourage that, we will provide NT$5 cash reward immediately for the cup of coffee you purchase.

In the future, we have many long-term CSR goals and life proposals to carry out, such as smile movement / community feedback / independent farmer’s concern / laymen lectures, and etc after our business operation is more on track.   Let’s move on to a better quality of life!  cheers~ 🙂